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Verish Matt


Serie: Interstellar Cargo
Genre: fantasy, space fantasy
The System's most infamous cargo pilot is finally in custody and serving more years than he cares to count. Away from the chaos of his short-lived pirating career, Cole Musgrave wants only to spend the rest of his days in a quiet cell where no more trouble can find him.
But find him, it does. When a familiar figure enters Cole's life, he again falls prey to the questionable whims of his secretive government. Forced into a new mission more dangerous than any he has faced before, he must return to the scene of his last 'crime' and venture into Terracom's darkest secret.
Navigating through political red tape, dodging the crosshairs of the entire criminal underground, and questioning the motives of his lover---Cole must juggle it all or die trying. If he fails, the fate of mankind will be sealed.
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