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O'Connell Carol

Mallory`s Oracle

Mallory`s Oracle Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Genre: historical detective
When Kathleen Mallory was ten she was a street kid and a thief. Then a cop called Markowitz took her home to his wife to civilize her &

Now Mallory is in charge of a complex database and a police officer herself, and someone has just murdered the man she considers her father the only man she has ever loved.

More used to the company of computers than people, Mallory descends into the urban nightmare of New York, to hunt down a cold-blooded killer.

Mallory`s Oracle is a dangerous chase through the city`s underworld, down the fibre-optic cables of hi-tech computer networks and behind the blinds of genteel Gramercy Park and an investigation into the chilly heart of its damaged and elusive heroine.

'Something close to a masterwork' THE TIMES

'Sgt Kathleen Mallory is one of the most original and intriguing detectives you`ll ever meet' CARL HIASSEN

'A stunning debut' DAILY MIRROR

'A deeply satisfying read' TIME OUT
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  1. Carol OConnell Mallorys Oracle
  3. CHAPTER 1
  4. CHAPTER 2
  5. CHAPTER 3
  6. CHAPTER 4
  7. CHAPTER 5
  8. CHAPTER 6
  9. CHAPTER 7
  10. CHAPTER 8
  11. CHAPTER 9
  12. CHAPTER 10
  13. CHAPTER 11
  15. Carol OConnell

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