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Yancey Rick

The Monstrumologist

The Monstrumologist : 5.0 (6)
Genre: thriller
With a roaring sense of adventure and enough viscera to gag the hardiest of gore hounds, Yancey s series starter might just be the best horror novel of the year. Will Henry is the 12-year-old apprentice to Pellinore Warthrop, a brilliant and self-absorbed monstrumologist-a scientist who studies (and when necessary, kills) monsters in late-1800s New England. The newest threat is the Anthropophagi, a pack of headless, shark-toothed bipeds, one of whom s corpse is delivered to Warthrop s lab courtesy of a grave robber. As the action moves from the dissecting table to the cemetery to an asylum to underground catacombs, Yancey keeps the shocks frequent and shrouded in a splattery miasma of blood, bone, pus, and maggots. The industrial-era setting is populated with leering, Dickensian characters, most notably the loathsome monster hunter hired by Warthrop to enact the highly effective Maori Protocol  method of slaughter. Yancey s prose is stentorian and wordy, but it weaves a world that possesses a Lovecraftian logic and hints at its own deeply satisfying mythos. Most effective of all, however, is the weirdly tender relationship between the quiet, respectful boy and his strict, Darwinesque father figure. Snap to!  is Warthrop s continued demand of Will, but readers will need no such needling.
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  1. Rick Yancey The Monstrumologist
  3. FOLIO I.Progeny
  4. ONE. A Singular Curiosity
  5. TWO. His Services Are Indispensable to Me
  6. THREE. It Seems I Must Reconsider My Original Hypothesis
  7. FOUR. The Hour Grows Late
  8. SIX. What of the Flies?
  9. FOLIO II. Residua
  10. SEVEN
  11. EIGHT. I Am a Scientist
  12. NINE. There Is Something I Should Show You
  13. TEN. The Best Man for the Job
  14. FOLIO III. Slaughter
  15. ELEVEN. We Have No Choice Now
  16. TWELVE. The Devils Manger
  17. THIRTEEN. You Bear His Burden
  18. EPILOGUE. May 2008
  19. Richard Yancey

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