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Jeffers H

Dark Mysteries of the Vatican

Dark Mysteries of the Vatican Оценка: 4.5 (31)
Genre: religion (science)
A non fiction bookWhat The Vatican Doesn`t Want You To Know:The lies. The conspiracies. The cover-ups. The truth.Deep behind the walls of the world`s holiest site is a dense network of lies, corruption, and conspiracies fueling the Vatican `s vast and unchecked influence on world events. From the Holy Orders that defied the commandment 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' to the scandals splashed across international headlines, the Vatican is no longer shrouded in mystery, legend, and secrecy.It`s all here:The shocking and unsolved murder of the corrupt Vatican financier known as 'God`s Banker'Real-life exorcism-and shocking rumors of SatanismThe Vatican`s startling views on extraterrestrials and end-of-world prophesiesThe Vatican`s hidden ties to Nazi Germany and the MafiaThe bizarre rituals of the ultraconservative Opus DeiThe Vatican`s ruthless 500-year war with the FreemasonsPope Pius XII`s anti-Semitic indifference to the plight of Europe`s Jews and the HolocaustAnd much more!This utterly fascinating, unflinching account is the most definitive exposИ ever written about the most secretive institution in the world.H. Paul Jeffers is the author of The Bilderberg Conspiracy, Freemasons: Inside the World`s Oldest Secret Society and Freemasons in America: Inside the Secret Society, among fifty other books. He has appeared on C-SPAN, Fox News, and The History Channel.

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  1. H. Paul Jeffers Dark Mysteries of the Vatican
  2. Introduction: Keys to the Kingdom
  3. CHAPTER 1
  4. CHAPTER 2
  5. CHAPTER 3
  6. CHAPTER 4
  7. CHAPTER 5
  8. CHAPTER 6
  9. CHAPTER 7
  10. CHAPTER 8
  11. CHAPTER 9
  12. CHAPTER 10
  13. CHAPTER 11
  14. CHAPTER 12
  15. CHAPTER 13
  16. CHAPTER 14
  17. CHAPTER 15
  18. CHAPTER 16
  19. Malachy ’s Prohecies: The Last Ten Popes
  20. Vatican Library Chronology
  21. Vatican Archives Chronology
  22. The Popes
  23. Chinon Parchment
  24. The Lateran Treaty of 1929 (excerpts)
  25. Further Reading
  26. Index
  27. H. Paul Jeffers

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