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Johansen Iris

No Red Roses

No Red Roses Genre: thriller
When singer Rex Brody took Tamara Ledford in his arms, he knew suddenly that the lady he`d been singing to all along was no longer just a hopeful fantasy. But could he convince her that his feelings were as sincere as the powerful desire that swept her from a small-town life into the public spotlight where he lived? Tamara`s psychic Aunt Elizabeth had predicted that with Rex she would share the beautiful music only true lovers may hear. But Tamara rebelled against his need for her. Then Rex showered her with blossoms that symbolized longing and tenderness and broke her heart & for there were no red roses &
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  1. Iris Johansen No Red Roses
  2. One
  3. Two
  4. Three
  5. Four
  6. Five
  7. Six
  8. Seven
  9. Eight
  10. Nine
  11. Ten
  12. Iris Johansen

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