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Yip Mingmei

Petals from the Sky

Petals from the Sky Genre: prose
'A rare peek into an exotic culture that is thrilling, captivating, and moving.' Shobhan BantwalFrom the acclaimed author of Peach Blossom Pavilion comes a lush and lyrical novel of East and West-and of one young woman`s search for her heart`s true calling &When twenty-year-old Meng Ning declares that she wants to be a Buddhist nun, her mother is aghast. In her eyes, a nun`s life means only deprivation-'no freedom, no love, no meat.' But to Meng Ning, it means the chance to control her own destiny, and to live in an oasis of music, art, and poetry far from her parents` unhappy union.With an enigmatic nun known as Yi Kong, 'Depending on Emptiness,' as her mentor, Meng Ning spends the next ten years studying abroad, disdaining men, and preparing to enter the nunnery. Then, a fire breaks out at her Buddhist retreat, and Meng Ning is carried to safety by Michael Fuller, a young American doctor. The unprecedented physical contact stirs her curiosity. And as their tentative friendship grows intimate, Meng Ning realizes she must choose between the sensual and the spiritual life.From the austere beauty of China `s Buddhist temples to the whirlwind of Manhattan `s social elite, and the brilliant bustle of Paris and Hong Kong, here is a novel of joy and heartbreak-and of the surprising paths that lead us where we most need to be.

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  1. Mingmei Yip Petals from the Sky
  4. 1. The Retreat
  5. 2. The Fall
  6. 3. To Accumulate More Merit
  7. 4. The Scarred Nun
  8. 5. Depending on Emptiness
  9. 6. The Fire
  10. 7. One Day When We Were Young
  11. 8. The Same Moon Shines Over Us All
  12. 9. The Peak
  13. 10. Decadent Pleasure
  14. 11. The Proposal
  15. 12. The Nun and the Prostitute
  16. 13. The Non-Nun Nun
  17. 14. Under the Paris Sun
  18. PART TWO
  19. 15. New York, New York
  20. 16. The Fortune-Teller
  21. 17. The Teenage Orphan
  22. 18. Reception at the Met
  23. 19. Beauty with a Limp
  24. 20. Philip Noble
  25. 21. Why Don ’t You Try It with a Woman?
  26. 22. The Dying Kitten
  27. 23. VegetableRootZenCenter
  28. 24. Men Are Nothing but Trouble
  29. 25. The Funeral
  31. 26. Form Is Emptiness
  32. 27. The Golden Body
  33. 28. The Private Retreat
  34. 29. Wedding Pictures
  35. 30. A Trip to China
  36. 31. Great Protector of the Dharma
  37. 32. The Elevator
  38. 33. The PeachBlossomGarden
  39. 34. The Car Accident
  40. 35. The Hospital
  41. 36. The Missing Temple
  43. 37. Bad Karma
  44. 38. Confessions
  45. 39. Ten Thousand Miles of Red Dust
  46. Epilogue
  47. Discussion Questions
  48. Mingmei Yip

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