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James Phyllis

An Unsuitable Job For A Woman

An Unsuitable Job For A Woman Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Genre: historical detective
Handsome Cambridge dropout Mark Callender died hanging by the neck with a faint trace of lipstick on his mouth. When the official verdict is suicide, his wealthy father hires fledgling private investigator Cordelia Gray to find out what led him to self-destruction. What she discovers instead is a twisting trail of secrets and sins, and the strong scent of murder. An Unsuitable Job for a Woman introduces P. D. James`s courageous but vulnerable young detective, Cordelia Gray, in a 'top-rated puzzle of peril that holds you all the way'.

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  1. P D James An Unsuitable Job For A Woman
  2. authors note
  3. chapter one
  4. chapter two
  5. chapter three
  6. chapter four
  7. chapter five
  8. chapter six
  9. chapter seven
  10. P D James

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