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Jordan Robert

Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams Оценка: 4.9 (38)
Serie: The Wheel of Time
Genre: heroic
The Wheel of Time turns, and Robert Jordan gives us the eleventh volume of his extraordinary masterwork of fantasy.
Сборники: Цикл "Колесо времени". Роберт Джордан | Классика фэнтези и НФ in English

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  1. Robert Jordan Knife of Dreams
  2. Prologue Embers Falling on Dry Grass
  3. Chapter One When Last Sounds
  4. Chapter Two The Dark One ’s Touch
  5. Chapter Three At the Gardens
  6. Chapter Four A Deal
  7. Chapter Five Something … Strange
  8. Chapter Six A Stave and a Razor
  9. Chapter Seven A Cold Medallion
  10. Chapter Eight Dragons ’ Eggs
  11. Chapter Nine A Short Path
  12. Chapter Ten A Village in Shiota
  13. Chapter Eleven A Hell in Maderin
  14. Chapter Twelve A Manufactory
  15. Chapter Thirteen Siege
  16. Chapter Fourteen Wet Things
  17. Chapter Fifteen A Different Skill
  18. Chapter Sixteen The New Follower
  19. Chapter Seventeen A Bronze Bear
  20. Chapter Eighteen News for the Dragon
  21. Chapter Nineteen Vows
  22. Chapter Twenty The Golden Crane
  23. Chapter Twenty-One Within the Stone
  24. Chapter Twenty-Two To Make an Anchor Weep
  25. Chapter Twenty-Three Call to a Sitting
  26. Chapter Twenty-Four Honey in the Tea
  27. Chapter Twenty-Five Attending Elaida
  28. Chapter Twenty-Six As If the World Were Fog
  29. Chapter Twenty-Seven A Plain Wooden Box
  30. Chapter Twenty-Eight In Maiden
  31. Chapter Twenty-Nine The Last Knot
  32. Chapter Thirty Outside the Gates
  33. Chapter Thirty-One The House on Full Moon Street
  34. Chapter Thirty-Two To Keep the Bargain
  35. Chapter Thirty-Three Nine Out of Ten
  36. Chapter Thirty-Four A Cup of Kaf
  37. Chapter Thirty-Five The Importance of Dyelin
  38. Chapter Thirty-Six Under an Oak
  39. Chapter Thirty-Seven Prince of the Ravens
  40. Chapter Thirty-Eight Remember the Old Saying
  41. Glossary
  42. About the Author

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