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Jordan Robert

The Fires of Heaven

The Fires of Heaven Оценка: 4.4 (10)
Serie: The Wheel of Time
Genre: heroic
The Chosen are free and already planning for the Great Day of Return, when the Dark One will walk the Earth again. And their thoughts and plots turn inevitably to the capture of the Dragon Reborn.

Elaida, the newly appointed Amyrlin of the Aes Sedai, also thinks only of the capture of the Dragon Reborn. She knows that the Dark One is breaking free, that the Last Battle is coming and the Dragon Reborn must be there to face him or the world is doomed to fire and destruction. She must ensure that he goes to his prophesied death.

And Rand al'Thor, the Dragon himself, hidden in the ancient city of Rhuidean, waits for the warrior clans of the Aiel to rally to his banner...
Сборники: Цикл "Колесо времени". Роберт Джордан | Классика фэнтези и НФ in English

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  1. Robert Jordan The Fires of Heaven
  2. Prologue (Serpent and Wheel) The First Sparks Fall
  3. Chapter 1 (Lion Rampant) Fanning the Sparks
  4. Chapter 2 (Dragon) Rhuidean
  5. Chapter 3 (Dice) Pale Shadows
  6. Chapter 4 (Spears and Shield) Twilight
  7. Chapter 5 (Flame of Tar Valon) Among the Wise Ones
  8. Chapter 6 (Crescent Moon and Stars) Gateways
  9. Chapter 7 (Dragon) A Departure
  10. Chapter 8 (Sunburst) Over the Border
  11. Chapter 9 (Leaf) A Signal
  12. Chapter 10 (Harp) Figs and Mice
  13. Chapter 11 (Flame of Tar Valon) The Nine Horse Hitch
  14. Chapter 12 (Bull) An Old Pipe
  15. Chapter 13 (Elephant) A Small Room in Sienda
  16. Chapter 14 (Dream Ring) Meetings.
  17. Chapter 15 (Flame of Tar Valon) What Can Be Learned in Dreams
  18. Chapter 16 (Sunburst) An Unexpected Offer
  19. Chapter 17 (Elephant) Heading West
  20. Chapter 18 (Female Silhouettes) A Hound of Darkness
  21. Chapter 19 (Ruby-Hilted Dagger) Memories
  22. Chapter 20 (Full Aes Sedai Symbol) Jangai Pass
  23. Chapter 21 (Rising Sun) The Gift of a Blade
  24. Chapter 22 (Horned Skull) Birdcalls by Night
  25. Chapter 23 (Dragon) "The Fifth, I Give You"
  26. Chapter 24 (Rising Sun) A Message Sent
  27. Chapter 25 (Dream Ring) Dreams of Galad
  28. Chapter 26 (Serpent and Wheel) Sallie Daera
  29. Chapter 27 (Flame of Tar Valon) The Practice of Diffidence
  30. Chapter 28 (Bull) Trapped
  31. Chapter 29 (Ravens) Memories of Saldaea
  32. Chapter 30 (Dragon) A Wager
  33. Chapter 31 (Spears and Shield) The Far Snows
  34. Chapter 32 (Insect-like Horned Helmet) A Short Spear
  35. Chapter 33 (Elephant) A Question of Crimson
  36. Chapter 34 (Dream Ring) A Silver Arrow
  37. Chapter 35 (Serpent and Wheel) Ripped Away
  38. Chapter 36 (Elephant) A New Name
  39. Chapter 37 (Lion Rampant) Performances in Samara
  40. Chapter 38 (Serpent and Wheel) An Old Acquaintance
  41. Chapter 39 (Dragon) Encounters in Samara
  42. Chapter 40 (Sunburst) The Wheel Weaves
  43. Chapter 41 (Rising Sun) The Craft of Kin Tovere
  44. Chapter 42 (Dice) Before the Arrow
  45. Chapter 43 (Full Aes Sedai Symbol) This Place, This Day
  46. Chapter 44 (Dragon) The Lesser Sadness
  47. Chapter 45 (Rising Sun) After the Storm
  48. Chapter 46 (Full Aes Sedai Symbol) Other Battles, Other Weapons
  49. Chapter 47 (Elephant) The Price of a Ship
  50. Chapter 48 (Sunburst) Leavetakings
  51. Chapter 49 (Waves) To Boannda
  52. Chapter 50 (Flame of Tar Valon) To Teach, and Learn
  53. Chapter 51 (Dice) News Comes to Cairhien
  54. Chapter 52 (Crescent Moon and Stars) Choices
  55. Chapter 53 (Flame of Tar Valon) Fading Words
  56. Chapter 54 (Dragon) To Caemlyn
  57. Chapter 55 (Full Aes Sedai Symbol) The Threads Burn
  58. Chapter 56 (Serpent and Wheel) Glowing Embers

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