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Jong Erica

Fear Of Flying

: 3.0 (2)
Genre: erotic
ERICA JONG S GLORIOUSLY WICKED, SEXY NOVEL ABOUT THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE FOR A WOMAN & A PASSIONATE NOVEL & the body wanting sex, sex, sex and love and safety, comfort; the mind wanting freedom, independence, the power to work, to write & very alive and real. It is wonderfully funny and sad, witty and agonizing, brilliant, sensual, serious. -Hannah Green The heroine is as sexy as Tom Jones and as outspoken about her sexuality as Portnoy was about his!  Cleveland Plain Dealer FOR AN EXHILARATING FUEL-BURNER, A BLAZE OF ONE-WOMAN ENERGY AND SEXUAL PLENTY, FEAR OF FLYING IS DEFINITELY A VEHICLE FOR EXCEEDING ALL LIMITS OF THE OPEN ROAD!  Village Voice A FLAMBOYANT SEXUAL IMAGINATION!  New York TimesFor every woman who ever dreamed of living her sexual fantasies &For every man who still believes women don t think like that  & It is rare these days to come upon a book written by a woman which is so refreshing, so gay and sad at the same time, and so full of wisdom about the eternal man-woman problem. -Henry Miller THE MOST OUTRAGEOUSLY ENTERTAINING WOMEN S LIBRETTO YET, lusty raw material served up by a new writer of great talent! -Cosmopolitan A BAWDY, SWAGGERING first novel of fine touches and insightful observations on sex and marriage.  The Minneapolis Star SHE LL TAKE YOU FARTHER FROM HOME THAN YOU EVER DREAMED YOU D GO. AND AFTER THIS BOOK, THERE MAY NEVER BE A WAY BACK. -Lois Gould

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  1. Erica Jong Fear Of Flying
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. 1 En Route to the Congress of Dreams or the Zipless Fuck
  4. 2 Every Woman Adores a Fascist
  5. 3 Knock, Knock
  6. 4 Near the Black Forest
  7. 5 A Report from the Congress of Dreams or Congressing
  8. 6 Paroxysms of Passion or the Man Under the Bed
  9. I
  10. II
  11. 7 A Nervous Cough
  12. 8 Tales from the Vienna Woods
  13. 9 Pandora s Box or My Two Mothers
  14. 10 Freud s House
  15. 11 Existentialism Reconsidered
  16. 12 The Madman
  17. 13 The Conductor
  18. 14 Arabs amp; Other Animals
  19. 15 Travels with My Anti-Hero
  20. 16 Seduced amp; Abandoned
  21. 17 Dreamwork
  22. 18 Blood Weddings or Sic Transit
  23. 19 A 19 th -Century Ending

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