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Iggulden Conn

The Gates Of Rome

The Gates Of Rome Оценка: 3.4 (11)
'What Robert Graves did for Claudius, Conn Iggulden now does for the most famous Roman Emperor of them all. This novel is a vibrant blending of historical fact and fiction. If only all history lessons could be this thrilling.' -William Bernhardt

' The Gates of Rome is a big, sumptuous feast of a novel that's so vividly written I could hear the clang of swords and smell the scent of spice in the air. It had me enthralled from start to finish.' -Tess Gerritsen

'An absorbing portrait of ancient Roman life and history, well written and full of suspense.' Kirkus Reviews

The astonishing life of Julius Caesar is recreated in a magnificent new novel that brilliantly interweaves history and adventure. An epic tale of ambition and rivalry, bravery and betrayal, from an outstanding new voice in historical fiction already a top ten bestseller in hardback. From the spectacle of gladiatorial combat to the intrigue of the Senate, from the foreign wars that created an empire to the betrayals that almost tore it apart, the Emperor novels tell the remarkable story of the man who would become the greatest Roman of them all: Julius Caesar. Brilliantly interweaving history and adventure, The Gates of Rome introduces an ambitious young man facing his first great test. In the city of Rome, a titanic power struggle is about to shake the Republic to its core. Citizen will fight citizen in a bloody conflict and Julius Caesar will be in the thick of the action.

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  1. Conn Iggulden The Gates Of Rome
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. CHAPTER 1
  4. CHAPTER 2
  5. CHAPTER 3
  6. CHAPTER 4
  7. CHAPTER 5
  8. CHAPTER 6
  9. CHAPTER 7
  10. CHAPTER 8
  11. CHAPTER 9
  12. CHAPTER 10
  13. CHAPTER 11
  14. CHAPTER 12
  15. CHAPTER 13
  16. CHAPTER 14
  17. CHAPTER 15
  18. CHAPTER 16
  19. CHAPTER 17
  20. CHAPTER 18
  21. CHAPTER 19
  22. CHAPTER 20
  23. CHAPTER 21
  24. CHAPTER 22
  25. CHAPTER 23
  26. CHAPTER 24
  27. CHAPTER 25
  28. CHAPTER 26
  29. CHAPTER 27
  30. CHAPTER 28
  31. CHAPTER 29
  32. CHAPTER 30
  33. CHAPTER 31
  34. CHAPTER 32
  35. CHAPTER 33
  36. CHAPTER 34
  37. CHAPTER 35
  38. Historical Note
  39. About the Author

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