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T.R. Harris

Jason King Agent to the Stars
The Enclaves of Sylox.
2. Treasure of the Galactic Lights.

REV Warriors
2. REV-Renegades.
3. REV-Rebirth.
4. REV-Revolution.
5. REV-Retribution.

The Adam Cain Chronicles
The Dead Worlds.
2. Empires.
3. Battle Plan.
4. Galactic Vortex.
5. Universal Law.

The Human Chronicles
The Fringe Worlds, Alien Assassin,The War of Pawns,The Tactics of Revenge,The Legend of Earth (Bo....
2. Cain’s Crusaders,The Apex Predator,A Galaxy to Conquer,The Masters of War,Prelude to War (Books 6....
3. The Unreachable Stars,When Earth Reigned Supreme,A Clash of Aliens Battlelines,The Copernicus De....
4. Scorched Earth,Alien Games,The Cain Legacy,The Andromeda Mission,Last Species Standing (Books 16-20).
5. Invasion Force,Force of Gravity,Mission Critical,The Lost Universe,The Immortal War (Books 21-25).
6. The Human Chronicles.
7. Phantoms: The next thrill-a-minute Adam Cain space opera adventure.
8. Terminus Rising.
9. The Last Aris: A desperate race to save the universe ... or not..

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