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Stephen Michael Stirling

Emberverse - The Change World
Dies the Fire.
2. The Protector's War.
3. A Meeting at Corvallis.
4. The Sunrise Lands.
5. The Scourge of God.
6. The Sword of the Lady.
7. The High King of Montival.
8. The Tears of the Sun.

Fifth Millenium
Snow Brother.
2. The Cage.
3. Shadow's Son.

Legends of the Riftwar
Jimmy The Hand.

Against the Tide of Years.

The General
The Forge.
2. The Hammer.
3. The Anvil.
4. The Steel.
5. The Sword.
6. The Chosen.
7. The Reformer.

The Peshawar Lancers
The Peshawar Lancers.

1. Against the Tide of Years.
2. Conquistador.
3. Ice, Iron and Gold.
4. Island in the Sea of Time.
5. On the Oceans of Eternity.
6. Warlord.

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