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Killing Critics
Killing Critics

Carol OConnell

Killing Critics

The third book in the Kathleen Mallory series, 1996

Many thanks to the people who answered my questions and extended their courtesy.

Dianne Burke, Search & Rescue Research Associates, Tempe, Arizona, for her patience and diligence. (LFQYO1A @prodigy.com)

Robbin Murphy, Creative Director of artnetweb, for a tour of the system, (http://artnetweb.com/artnetweb)

YTNOP Music, for the use of an atmospheric Jean-Luc Ponty instrumental.


He was one of those quiet heroes who worked until the day he died. He was also a man who could do a financial transaction on a handshake; he bought our first house that way. And people whove known him since he was a child will tell you he never told a lie in his entire life. What spare time he had was spent in public service; what spare cash he had was given away. This remarkable man filled a church when he died, and the planet was diminished.

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